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Growing up in Ghana has been the single most important aspect of my life. I have encountered firsthand the adverse effect of energy shortages and this led me to develop a suitable solution to the energy problems encountered in Sub-Saharan Africa. Today, I reflect on the days using candlelight to read at night and how my vision would be so much better if I had access to electricity. Death and poor health have accompanied the energy crisis in Ghana. As recent as last year, three babies died in Ghana because the hospital couldn’t keep the ICU ventilators on and a pregnant woman died because she could not switch on her phone to call a medical center.

Energy is scarce in Africa and it is as a result of inefficient major utilities plagued by political meddling and the high cost of expanding service to rural areas. But what’s worse is that rural sub-Saharan Africans most of whom live on less than US$1 a day, also face some of the highest energy fees in the world.

Not including transportation, it costs 25 cents every time someone charges their phone. Annually, this adds up to nearly 400 times what Americans pay. Why do these populations pay more for the same amount of energy? Well, it’s not that they want to — it’s because they do not have a choice. People in the developed world have the resources to find the cheapest energy alternative for them, but this is not a luxury that is available for people in rural Africa.

I developed Kadi Energy to chip away at the energy deficiencies in Sub-Saharan Africa. It is a two-pronged approach via innovation and job creation. We have developed an innovative and long lasting battery technology that is changing the lives of 2000 rural dwellers in Ghana. With this technology, we can ensure that the costs of owning and operating mobile devices are reasonable, freeing up resources for people to use on other more important issues.

We are in the process of empowering and training 40 young, talented and entrepreneurial Ghanaians to drive and maximize our impact within rural communities. Through this initiative, we are creating jobs while empowering young people to become part of the energy solution Africa needs.

My story is relevant because it is a story of transformational leadership and change creation. The best part is that this change is occurring in an area where it is most sorely needed.


Kadi Energy is by Ghana and for Ghana. Starting at the base of Pikes Peak at Colorado College, we hope to employ young entrepreneurs across the world.

KLAUS KOBY TORWOE Director of Operations
FELIX ASARE Business Development Executive
BETTY HAYES Marketing Manager


Dr. Daniel K. N. Johnson
Economics Department Professor

Prof. Johnson is an Economics Department Professor at Colorado College. Prof. Johnson has founded three businesses and holds advisory roles in a range of startups. Prof Johnson has a PhD in Economics from Yale (1998) and an MSc from the London School of Economics (1992). Specializing in the economics of innovation and technological change, Prof. Johnson brings a wealth of knowledge to the Kadi Energy team.

Dr. James S. K. Akpablie
Medical professional

Dr. James Akpablie is a medical professional with over 18 years of experience working at the Ghana Health Service (GHS). As Kadi Energy’s first Advisory Board Member, Dr. Akpablie has spearheaded many of Kadi’s operations. Dr. Akpablie brings extensive leadership skills and project management experience, but most importantly a drive for policy implementation that aligns with Kadi’s core values.