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Power Ghana Today,
Empower the World Tomorrow


We are a local, Ghanaian energy company. We provide the technology, tools and services to Ghanaian entrepreneurs and service providers to bring power to the people of Ghana.

We bring local, affordable power to the Ghana of today as we help build the Ghana of tomorrow. We’re investing in young entrepreneurial Ghanaians as they build a better, more connected, more powerful future.


Kadi Energy provides sustainable, reliable, and grid-independent energy solutions. We help Ghanaians access power wherever they are: working, traveling or at home.

Our Ray 10 is a high-performance, African-made personal power bank. Ray 10 charges two devices simultaneously, automatically senses the type of device to optimize charging and contains a specially-designed, high quality lithium battery that holds more charge and lasts longer than most alternatives.

Our PowerHub is a commercial-grade charging station. It can charge up to 40 mobile devices simultaneously with many advanced features such as auto-detention of devices and sophisticated reporting for the entrepreneurs serving customers. You can charge your devices today using our platform in places like Tema, Accra, and Kumasi!

Our hybrid solar solutions provide next-generation technology designed specifically for the unique needs of the Ghana market - scalability, rugged durability and low cost. We offer off-grid and supplemental power solutions for individual homes, communities, farms and businesses.

Our solutions enhance lives, empower communities, and reduce our carbon footprint.


Kadi Energy only offers products and solutions that are designed for the Ghana market. All of our products use the best quality lithium ion batteries, high-performance electronics to maximize performance and rugged materials for long-term durability. Our products are built to last at least 3 times longer than competitive offerings.


We empower Ghanaians and businesses to live independently of an unreliable grid. By providing reliable energy to industries such as health care and banking, Kadi Energy improves the lives and contributes to a more promising future of Ghana as a whole.

Ghanaian To Our Core

Kadi was created by Ghanaians, for Ghanaians. We address an African issue in an African way with inherent love and local knowledge about the country that it serves. Our success is Ghana’s success.